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When the conventional track for securing commercial financing for you company starts looking bleak, you may need to get the extra ‘bump’ in cash-flow you need by applying for either a “soft” or “hard” money loan.

In a previous piece, we discussed how a “soft” hard money loan works and even shared a client case -study. On this piece, I’m going to speak about a second type of alternative financing known as private or “hard” money lending.

This type of financing is typically used when time is of the essence – clients usually need to secure their capital in 2 weeks or less. Some other reasons why people may need “hard” money are – bad credit, excessive deferred maintenance on the property or a high vacancy rate.

Hard money loans can also be used to “rehab” a property that will either be sold or rented with plans to refinance it later after the project is completed. “Hard” money loans are short-term for the most part, usually 12 – 24 months. These loans do have higher interest rates and fees than other loan types typically 12% or so but the payments that are made on “hard” money loans are interest only.

The fees from these loans can be rolled into the loan amount, and in most cases so can the monthly payments. This is called an interest reserve.

A Client We Worked With Who Needed A Hard Money Loan

Carmine H. was looking to secure $325,000 in capital for a project her company was working on. Her credit score was too low for a conventional loan and she needed her money fast. For these reasons, and more, Carmine was the perfect candidate for a “hard” money loan.

She ended up securing her capital at an interest rate of 12% (with interest only payments) and her money was in her hands in just 9 days.

We Help Our Clients Secure Affordable Financing Fast

Over the last fifteen years, the team at Complete Commercial Finance has become a sought after consulting firm in business finance and commercial mortgages because we continuously aim to simplify the process used when helping our clients secure the capital their business needs.

With our years of experience and strong nationwide lender relationships – there is no doubt that we can bring the financial assistance you need quickly and with the best interest rates.

If you have questions, comments , or concerns about your situation, please reach out to us in whatever way you prefer. You can fill out the form on the right of this page, call us at 860-906-4848 to schedule a comprehensive assessment of your needs, or email info@completecommercialfinance.com to speak with one of our client care representatives.

Above all, in less than 24 hours you will know if you have found affordable financing to take your business growth to the next level.

My best to you always,

Robert Edmiston
President, Complete Commercial Finance

PS – To learn more about the types of loans we secure for our clients, visit the products page on our website.

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  • We needed to refinance our building but no banks wanted to talk to us because we are a mechanic shop and also because we had vacancies in our building. Robert found us a loan for our situation within hours from us calling him and it was a great interest rate too.

    - Alan F. Westfield, MA

  • I needed some help to make it through the winter with my marina. I found Complete Commercial on the internet and Robert was able to find me a line of credit to pay my bills and get me through the winter.

    – Bruce K. Portland, CT
    Fast Cash

  • Robert has helped us with the mortgages for two of our grocery stores. He has also gotten us an equipment loan with a great rate and no money down. When our business had a cash flow problem he helped us again with a line of credit. Robert is always there when you need him.

    -Akash P. East Hartford, CT
    Business Loans

  • I needed working capital for my company. Robert was referred to me by my accountant. In just one week I had an unsecured line of credit and I am very pleased.

    -Ed M. Middletown, CT
    Lines of Credit

  • I was opening my second gourmet coffee shop and was having difficulty finding equipment financing. Robert found me 100% financing with a very good interest rate and I was able to open my new store in time.

    -Nick D. Cheshire, CT
    Equipment Financing

  • I needed to build a new manufacturing facility. I tried several banks and was repeatedly turned down. Complete Commercial was referred to me by another lender. As soon as I called him he knew exactly what to do and came through for me just in time. Then two years later I needed to purchase a very expensive machine for our expanding production line. I called Robert again and he was able to finance 100% of my machine cost plus delivery and installation.

    - Robert R. Southington, CT

  • Floor plan financing is practically non existent for used car dealers. Robert from Complete Commercial was able to help us with even more money than we were looking for. His financing efforts have allowed my business to expand. I now have more cars on my lot and many higher end models thanks to him.

    – Ali H. Vernon, CT

  • I own an insurance company. My company wanted to purchase another insurance company but we needed funding to do it. This was quite a large purchase for us. We were having trouble with all of the banks that we spoke to. A friend referred me to Robert and his company Complete Commercial Finance. Robert did an excellent job not only finding us the loan but also an outstanding interest rate. Robert has helped us to grow our company and we will use him whenever we need any type of financing.

    – Mark C. Shelton, CT

  • I wanted to refinance my house and use the cash that I got to retire and start investing in apartment buildings. I did not really know where to start until I met Robert. Not only did he show me how to invest in commercial real estate but he also found me just about all of my properties. He also got me the best interest rates for all of my loans. Robert was instrumental in my success and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with real estate investing.

    - Vinny P. Hartford, CT

  • I had a balloon payment that was overdue on some land that I own. I was currently in foreclosure. Robert from Complete Commercial quickly found me a lender and saved the day! Not only that, the terms of the new loan were better than the first loan that I had.

    – Walter B. East Windsor, CT